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7 secret keys for a happy & healthy relationship in couples

We all desire to have a happy and healthy relationship. What does it take to have such a blissful relationship? Well, a happy relationship isn’t developed overnight, it takes good enough time to understand each other’s emotions, trauma, respect, and trust. It’s not always about luck but also a continuous effort to love and emotionally support each other at all times.

Some people get into relationships to find happiness and it turns out toxic and abusive. As such relationship lacks emotional connection and mutual support in the long run. A happy relationship is about commitment to love and respect each other, accept your past, support your present, and secure your future.

Here are 7 secret keys to happy and healthy relationship advice that you should know!

Respect & Support your Partner: Respect is one of the secret keys to a happy and healthy relationship. Respecting your partner’s decisions and opinions will build trust with each other. Maintain your tone and behavior, even if you disagree with your partner’s decision. Remember to be careful with unkind words and intense voices as it will make a relationship incompatible.

At the same time, be each other biggest support system. Knowing that your partner has strong faith in you and believes in your instinct, ultimately motivates you to achieve your goals. A healthy relationship is when you receive emotional support from your partner and your decisions are valued and respected.

Be Honest about your Expectation: Second most important key is to remain honest about your relationship expectations. Being honest to accepting your partner’s capabilities and weaknesses. Be clear about your expectations as in the long run everything doesn’t remain the same as first sight love. If you want to be happy, set realistic expectations with your partner as it will sustain a strong and healthy relationship. No one is perfect and when we try to hide things, we tend to make more mistakes in creating a fake illusion. To avoid this situation, keep your things simple, be honest, and never be ashamed of what you expect.

Simultaneously, giving each other some space. Be supportive of your partner’s personal and professional life. In a happy relationship, refrain from standing in the way of your partner’s preferences of likes and dislikes. Hence, it’s important to give some space so that neither of the partners feels suffocated. Allow freedom and happiness to your partner by respecting her privacy and moment.

Spend Quality Time: It’s an utmost priority to give time commitment to your partner even if it’s a long-distance relationship. Spending quality time nurtures emotional and physical connections between couples. Being in a long-distance relationship, fitting on the same schedule is sometimes difficult, and yet finding ways to feel connected by sending short love texts makes the bond stronger. Make memories with your partner, go on romantic dates, or exotic vacations, Join-in for a movie or simply spend time alone at home. Invest your quality time to keep the spark alive.

Another factor for giving quality time to your partner is having intimacy. Intimacy is like a glue that holds the relationship even if other factors fail to sustain it. Compliment your partner and tell them what you most like about them, be it their voice, looks, body feature, personality, or even sense of humor. Having frequent intimacy with your partner will help to reduce anxiety and stress. Be innovative with your desires and fantasies. Discuss with your partner, your preferences and evolve your intimate relationship over time. 

Maintain a Strong Partnership: Keeping clarity among each other is the key to a happy and healthy relationship. Hiding away information from one another to avoid fighting leads to more misunderstanding. There are several things to maintain a strong partnership, that include having mutual respect and being truthful to each other. Valuing equal rights and benefits and being willing to go extra for your partner’s happiness. As a partner, making a couple of goals together related to family, career, and expenses. A happy and healthy partnership is like making a commitment to love and respect each other with kindness, having strong beliefs with trust, sharing values and future goals, and supporting one another at difficult times.

Repairing and healing after Fight: Accepting one’s mistakes after a conflict helps to rejuvenate the relationship back again. A small fight over differences is okay in the relationship due to two distinct personalities having different views. Arguments over the same can make things worse, in this case, it’s important to openly communicate with an affection to reconcile things.  Repair your relationship with a positive approach, apologizing for the mistakes, and attempting to understand from other’s perspectives. Resolving differences like identifying the missing factor, and prioritizing your partner’s feelings is most crucial in this case. Acknowledge your partner’s pain and hear them out by accepting one’s mistake. Always work together to find a practical solution to the problems, and be simply kind and affectionate with each other.

Be a Good Listener: Listen with an open mind and heart, as misunderstanding causes negativity among partners to judge each other and be criticized for their actions. Negativity ruins the relationship as it cut down love, feelings, and respect for one another. For a happy relationship, healthy communication is key to understanding and validating the partner’s perspective. Focus more on the positive sides as there will always be problems in relationships. The effort is to understand the views and refocus thinking to build a healthy relationship. Avoid the unnecessary attitude and silly mistakes that your partner makes rather focus on the bright side of receiving love and respect from your partner.

Find ways to express your love and compliment: Expressing deep love for one another is an important key to a happy and healthy relationship. Make your love story unique and different. Demonstrate your love by using love languages. Use words of affirmation of praising and complimenting your partners. Caring for your partner in times of health and difficulty by helping out in daily work activity, easing the workload, and making favorite meals. Giving thoughtful gifts to partners also shows how much they are special. Giving kind attention to your partner’s needs and wants is another way of expressing love. Learn to appreciate and compliment by simply holding hands, giving hugs, kissing, and warm touching to show warmth, safety, and love.

Do let us know in our comment below, about your happy and healthy relationship tips.

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