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Aromatherapy With Essential oils- A Holistic Approach

Aromatherapy has been used over centuries by ancient Egypt to add essence to their bathing rituals and light scent-infused incense sticks as an offering to God. The ancient Greeks used aromatherapy for medicine and cosmetics. Whereas in the rest of the world, aromatherapy has been widely used by Romans, Chinese, and Arabs to trade essential oils such as massage oil, perfumes, and scents.

Aromatherapy is a process of extracting oils from various plants, herbs, and flowers to promote health and therapeutic benefits. Essential oils have been used medically to improve the overall mind, body, and soul. These essential oils are distilled and often used as inhalers or diluted with other base oils to use on the skin. The scent molecule transmits signals to the limbic system of the brain that controls our emotional behavior.

However, in the modern-day, essential oils have been used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and relief from pain. Many cosmetic companies have been using essential oils in the skincare range, use oils for massage therapy, or used in bath salts for relaxing and soaking.

Although, there are certain claims according to some research studies supporting that aromatherapy may have certain health benefits. However, essential oils shouldn’t be as regular or a substitute for medical treatment. Some of these health benefits are listed below:

  • Boost Mood thereby boosting performance and relaxation
  • Relief from Migraine, stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Relives muscle aches and sore joints
  • Helps with insomnia thereby improving sleep
  • Fight bacteria, viruses, and fungus
  • Helps to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment
  • Helps with overall circulatory problems

Since essential oils bring therapeutic benefits, let’s uncover some of the best essential oils and their benefits:

Lavender Oil

Lavender is a highly versatile essential oil with a soothing scent often used to relieve migraine, stress, and anxiety symptoms. Lavender has relaxing properties that promote good sleep. It is amazingly known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and immune-boosting properties that are used to treat minor cuts and burns. Lavender oil has been used in a lot of DIY skin products, just dilute 5 to 6 drops in a carrier oil.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a native Australian tree also known as Melaleuca alternifolia. It is commonly used in Australia to treat sore throat, skin ailments, cough, and cold. Tea tree oil is infused with antibacterial and antifungal properties, used for healing wounds, controlling dandruff, and eliminating hair lice. Tea tree oil is widely used in hair wash and skin care products with just 5 drops diluted in carrier oil or shampoo. It is also used in skin infections to treat acne and insect bites.

Peppermint Oil

One of the two major important peppermints is Mentha Piperita and Mentha Spicata from which peppermint oil is extracted. It has a very strong aroma and sharp undertone that helps with sinus and lung congestion when inhaled or used in the form of vapor. When applied topically on the temple and around the head, helps to relieve headaches. Some studies support that peppermint helps to relieve irritable bowel syndrome. It comes in a wide variety of products, often used in supplements, mouthwash, and shampoo that keep you refreshing all day. Peppermint oil is incredible due to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is a powerful antibacterial, astringent, and antiseptic agent. It’s usually associated with freshness and cleanliness; therefore, lemon oil can be found in personal care and home cleaning products from cleansers to hand soap. Lemon oil helps to lift the mood, reduce anxiety, ease nausea, kill bacteria, and helps with depression. Lemon oil is safe for topical use for skin care; however, skin gets sunburned as lemon oil application can make the sun more sensitive to the sun.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil scent is similar to camphor with a slightly minty essence that is so strong and refreshing that helps to eliminate mildew odors. Therefore, it’s great for the pantry and closet to repel bugs and kill other insects, fungi, and bacteria. Eucalyptus oil is infused with its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and antibacterial properties that help clear the airways and relieve nasal congestion and cough. It can also be used as a humidifier or diffuser for aromatherapy.

Some more…

Rosemary oil: Rosemary oil helps to relieve stress, boosts the brain, lifts mood, and is beneficial to the overall nervous system. It also promotes hair growth and reduces pain due to its anti-inflammatory nature.

Lemongrass oil: Lemongrass has a mildly sweet, strong citrus, and herbal aroma that possesses powerful medicinal and herbal properties. It helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. It heals wounds, prevents fungus growth, and kills bacteria. 

Clary sage oil: Clary sage has a sweet herbal aroma that is often used in many skin care products. Its antibacterial, astringent, and antiseptic properties are beneficial for the skin. It is widely used in aromatherapy as the sweet scent of Clary sage helps to calm the mind and reduce the feeling of anxiety.

Chamomile: The comforting essence of chamomile helps with anxiety and has multiple health benefits including it can help to treat eczema.

Jasmine oil: Jasmine has a sweet smell that is said to be more expensive than other essential oils. It’s a mood booster oil that overcomes depression and insomnia, increases alertness and energy levels that leaves a calming effect.

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