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Beat the Skin Dehydration with Beauty tips for Skin Glow

This season locks your skin’s moisture and reveals your stunning glow with these amazing expert tips for your skin. 

People often get a false impression when it comes to skin dehydration with dry skin. Well, both aren’t the same thing, dry skin is a “skin type” or skin condition that is low on natural oil also known as sebum. Whereas dehydrated skin is caused by a lack of water drawn from the skin cells. 

Know the sign of dehydrated skin:

  • Skin becomes more sensitive
  • Pigmentation around the cheeks and nose
  • The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines due to lack of moisture
  • The skin looks scorched and dull
  • Uneven skin tone and discoloration of the skin patches
  • The under-eye skin becomes darker than usual

There are several factors your skin is affected by; some of them are your lifestyle, your diet intake, your skin regime, and the extreme environment where you live.

Find out the Expert tips to hydrate your skin:

Drink enough Water

It is the best way to rehydrate your skin to improve your skin texture. Maximize your water intake as it whisks out harmful toxins from your body. It is advised to take min 8 glasses of water daily. However, the water intake may vary depending on your physical activities and weight. Water plums up your skin cell and keeps your skin looking healthy and hydrated. Limit the consumption of alcohol and caffeine which makes your skin stiff and dehydrated. Include more water-content fruits such as watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, Peaches, pineapples, and oranges.

Exfoliate your Skin

Use a gentle exfoliator just once a week to remove the debris layer on the skin. Exfoliation enhances the ability to absorb better of other skincare products. It creates a healthy layer of skin, giving it a more radiant natural glow. Good exfoliators having content like glycolic acid or lactic acid can make your skin patch free and smooth. However, avoid excess exfoliation as it takes away the natural skin barrier and may cause more dryness and irritation.

A moisturizing sheet mask for instant hydration

There is plenty of face sheet mask with active moisturizing ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera extracts, hyaluronic acid, Oat extract, and Vitamins like A, E, and C that plump your skin instantly. Must include a sheet mask in your skincare regime that fulfills the concern of dehydration. A good hydrating face sheet mask retains the skin’s moisture, giving an instant glow and skin look hydrated.  It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles forming healthy-looking skin. 

Build a hydrating skincare regime

Use water-based creams, serums, and face masks that hydrate the skin and are easily absorbed. Avoid harsh cleansers that strip away the natural face oils making it dry and irritated. Skin becomes more sensitive therefore pamper your skin with hydrating face cleansers that nourish the skin. In your skincare products, incorporate key hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, urea, ceramides, squalene, and panthenol. These key ingredients replenish the skin and build the skin barrier. 

Eat foods rich in antioxidants and collagen

Include fruits and veggies in your diet that are good for your skin. Fruits and veggies like beets, mushrooms, spinach, cucumber, watermelon, and citrus fruits lubricate moisture from within. Include food rich in Vitamin A such as eggs, carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots, and bell peppers to maintain skin elasticity. Including high water content fruits and veggies hydrates the skin from within and makes skin soft and supple. Your skin needs a daily dose of vitamins to keep that natural glow from within.

Moisturizing Sunscreen to rescue dehydration

Choose the right SPF moisturizer when it comes to sun protection. Look for ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium oxide which create a physical barrier on the top layer of the skin and moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E that hydrate the skin. Exposing your skin in sun without any protection can damage the skin barrier leaving it dry, flaky, and prematurely wrinkled. Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out and reapply every 3 hours to lock moisture and protect skin from sunburn. Your skin will be protected from harmful UV rays and minimize moisture loss due to sun exposure.

Avoid Steam & Hot shower

A hot water shower can be soothing and relaxing! but do you know staying prolonged in a hot shower can strip away the natural oil, leaving it dry, dehydrated, and stiff. Avoid spending too much time in hot showers from stripping your skin of essential moisture. Hot shower damages the upper layer of the skin leaving it sore red and irritated. Even if you take hot showers make sure you apply moisturizer right after to protect the skin layer and lock hydration or else splash the cold water to close the pores. We recommend using lukewarm water in your shower.

Place a humidifier

A humidifier is a must during winter seasons as air tends to get super dry. It works best for low-humidity environments.  Humidifiers increase air humidity as it pumps moisture into the air leaving your skin feeling fresh, soft, and hydrated. Place it in your bedroom, workplace, or any room where you spend most of your time, it’s portable and easy to carry.

Dehydrated skin is something you can fix up real quick! You will see the visible results almost instantly if you follow the skin hydration tips above. Well-hydrated skin will appear plumper and softer along with minimizing the appearance of fine lines. Remember you need constant hydration from inside and outside both to keep your skin problems at bay.

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