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Decode Lipstick Shade Color that says about your Personality

When it comes to romantic dates and outings, lipstick shades may reveal one’s personality as Lipstick shades reflect feelings. You got it right!  What color you choose may be able to talk about one preference, likes, and behaviour. There is always a subconscious mind when we make the choice to put on lipstick shades. Gone are the days, when women used to apply the same lip shades matching their outfits. Now, it’s a game-changer when it comes to lipstick shades, there is a whole bunch of meaning behind it.

The phrase, “Lipstick speaks louder than words” says it all. Make an impression with your lip color, be what you are and what you want to be. Let’s decode the lipstick shade game! Know what your favourite shade says about you…

Red Lipstick

Red shade stands for making a bold statement, be it any red shade from ruby red, brick red, burgundies, to even crimson red. Ladies wearing red lipstick shades are extremely bold, passionate, and confident. She wants to be at the center of attention and enjoys being admired for her beauty, power, and personality. Her spirit wouldn’t go unnoticed as red stands for romantic and sexy. Women with red lips are independent and strong; also, very much vocal about their thoughts and feelings. Red lips would never go wrong as they carry powerful charisma.

Nude Lipstick

Women who choose Nude or neural lip shades are quite open about their feelings. They want to stay natural with their beauty, be down to earth and know their worth. Ladies with nude lip shades may come off as shy at first but share strong vibes regarding caring and love. They are someone who wants to be taken seriously, they are willing to share their warm feelings with their partner. Their friendship is pure they have nothing to hide and more to give their love.

Bright Pink

Bright Pink is all about being a bubbly and energetic personality. Women who adorn bright pink shades are not afraid to stand out, they are bold with their moves and spark out their playful personalities. They are not afraid to make a move, they are said to be bold, free-spirited, and brave. Women who embrace bright pink lipstick are quite adventurous with life and love experimenting with everything that comes their way. They carry loud personalities, high energy levels, and fun and mischievous that brighten up people’s life.

Softer Pink

Soft pink shades give a very subtle yet tender look. It shows the positive side of women being ambitious and self-worth. Women who love adored pink are usually kind, warm, and caring for others. Pink is a color that signifies the feminine, visually appealing, and friendlier side of personality. Women with soft pink lip shades are independent, organized, and calm. They are sweet, delicate, and soft-hearted ladies who love to adorn romance. Pink colors embrace youthfulness and a sense of tenderness to describe the women who love to put pink lips.


Women who wear brown lip shades seem warm, light-hearted, and dependable. It’s said brown color is close to Mother Nature as it’s an extremely earthy color. This warm shade reflects the submissive side of women, who is down to earth, caring and calm. The brown shade is one of the most sophisticated choices for women as they are easy to carry with all outfits and relatively low maintenance. Women with shades of brown lipstick are pretty intellectual and romantic.


Burgundy lipstick is one of the difficult shades that are not easy to carry off. It doesn’t go with everyone who wears it as it’s extremely hot and powerful shades that only women with very high self-esteem can wear off. It’s the color of compassion, that makes your lips look exotic and stubborn. Women with burgundy shades are strong with a decisive character and not easy to give up.


Purple is one of the trending shades that is taking over the glamorous world because of its outgoing look. Women who choose to wear purple shades have strong humor, creativity, and sexiness. They seem to be a bit mysterious but have eye-catching personalities that will grasp attention. Women with Purple shades are not easily approachable but will be found in deep conversation once they open up. Purple shades are one of the colors that have a magical charm, it portrays kindness and generosity.


Mauve is one of the mysterious color shades that are not easy to decode. A combination of violet and gray with a touch of elegance.  Women who wear mauve shade lipstick inherit special qualities that are said to be dominating and controlling. They are confident in what they do and well-organized in their things. They patiently wait for good things to happen, and they are a good decision maker in situations. Mauve is one of the shades that complement all hair shades and skin tones. It gives women a mysterious personality that makes them different from others.

Peach / Coral

The various shades of the Peach / Coral family reveal the extraordinary side of you. These shades enlighten the good qualities and creativity in you. Women who wear peach / Coral shades are said to be family oriented and are deeply rooted in their family values.  This magic color reveals your kindness and generosity of yours. It brings out the best version of you when it comes to love and energy.

Funky Shades

Cool and funky shades like neon, blue, green, and even black are all about creativity and fun. These funky colors are unique showing the extrovert side of you.  You don’t mind experimenting with your creativity and artistry, you want to be different, and approached differently. These funky colors create an impact to express the uniqueness you have. You will go out of your way from societal views to express yourself. Women with funky shades are full of surprises as they mark their fashion statement as trendy, funky, and fun.

Lip Gloss / Lip Balm

No Lipstick, No Problem! Even bare lips make some sensible approach. Women who wear just lip gloss/ lip balm are practical-driven women, who are straightforward and don’t like fooling around. These women expect openness and honesty in their relationships.  They are fun and love to stay natural when it comes to lip color. Lip gloss adds extra shine to the current shades of your lips giving them a sassy and glam look. It makes women feel younger and more appealing.

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