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Enough Of Body Shaming! Start Embracing Curves

The term “Body Shaming” is not new, at some point, we all have faced harsh criticism or lewd comments passed on our appearances. Body Shaming is a direct reference to Fat Shaming someone about their body shape and size. Whether intentional or not, someone advising on your certain lifestyle could hurt feelings as we humans are sensitive to other’s people opinions about our life. Body shaming could humiliate a person’s morale, self-esteem, mood, and sometimes even relationships.

To make one thing clear; nobody should ever be made to feel inappropriate over their weight, body shape, or dressing style. As I said nobody is immune to societal pressure to look a certain way, and the comments could hamper the self-confidence of oneself. And the fun fact! apart from social media, people who are involved in body shaming others are none other than our friends, family, relatives, and society.

Just stop and look around at how body shaming manifests in our society. Magazines and Covers offer tips about shedding those extra kilos “instantly” or “Hide your Imperfections by Covering up”. Why does an overweight person is trolled in movies or comic shows? It’s because we as a society have accepted joking or mocking about body size in the name of “Entertainment”. We should be aware that, making jokes about someone’s physical appearance is Not Okay! Even if it’s for fun or mocking, someone’s physical appearance.

We all have been living under a fake spell of unrealistic beauty standards portrayed by fashion magazines, social media, and the beauty industry. Often body shaming is not meant to be directly hurtful but it leaves negative remarks. It’s disheartening to see girls going under so much societal pressure to look in a certain way; also, these girls lack family support.

Body Shaming is like bullying, and it often feeds on one’s insecurity, sentimental nature, and lack of self-awareness. The victim of body shaming could suffer from serious health conditions such as depression, body dysmorphic disorder, eating disorders, low self-esteem, anxiety, and even social isolation. Instead, one should embrace, accept, and love themselves for whom they are without criticizing one’s appearance.  The concept that people should be judged mainly because of being constantly compared with another person is a wrong practice. Remember logically, it’s not possible to please everyone in society, rather focus on self-improvement and confidence to come out proud and feel good about yourself.

This article will empower you, how to embrace your curves and love yourself for who you are:

Celebrate Curves

Celebrate Curves is an attempt to break the typical stereotypes of body image and strongly believe that being curvy is sexier and more beautiful. Empowering women that they should love curves rather than covering them for body shaming. Society expects a woman to look in a certain way, behave in a certain way, and even dress in a certain way. ‘Love your curves’ is a movement of body acceptance and self-love. Once you stop caring about others’ opinions, you will be flaunting your curves rather than hiding. Girl!  just be yourself and be proud of it. Once you stop caring about people’s opinions and start focusing on your self-love journey, that day you will start hiding your curves and will be more willing to embrace your body; you will feel better and it will show. Remember, your curves are incredibly amazing and attractive.

Fashion is for All

Take a look in a mirror and admire how beautiful your curves are.  Appreciate the efforts you put in to style up, may with a belt, accessories, or scarves. Discover a style that boosts your confidence, makes you feel best and sticks to it; it could be a deep v-neck dress or solid color body suit, a stylish blazer to compliment your sleeveless dress or a retro polka dots pin-up dress. Embrace your figure rather than confining it, usually, several women attempt to hide their body parts by dressing up in oversized baggy clothes, and end up looking awkward with lumps hanging out. Wear a dress that perfectly frames your curves beautifully. All you need to figure out your body shape and what makes you feel good. You should feel confident in the clothes you choose to wear, which shows your feminine natural shape. However, if you struggle to find the right fitting clothes for you, then why not try out some custom-made clothing, that show off the best parts of your body? There are so many reasons to try tailormade fitting because you are making your own style statement and each piece is just made just to compliment those curves. A good tailor can create magic dresses as if it’s made just for you, and that’s exactly what you want.

Rock it with Confidence!

No one has a perfect body as our body changes with our age- the perfect body exists only in photoshop. But your Confidence is a way more attractive trait than anyone could have, so be proud and be gorgeous just the way you are. Don’t chase behind magazines and TV shows that display skeletal ideal figures.  Start building self-care and self-love practices but that doesn’t mean you should neglect a healthy diet and exercise. You will think of creating a self-space that gradually makes you look after yourself both physically and mentally. Every day remind yourself that you are valuable; a good human being, and do something to make yourself smile with confidence.

Bottom Line

Once in life, we all have been a victim of being too fat or too skinny, harsh criticism of body hair, remarks on being a foodie, challenged gender discrimination, and sometimes being attractive can be misguided as an attention seeker. The real solution is that no girl should ever feel self-conscious about their appearance, skin, body, hair, or even gender. These girls deserve so much better; we all need to empower body positivity and embrace the beauty of curves for a better society.

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