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Exposing bizarre superstitious beliefs around the world

Let’s talk about Superstitions! how often do you change your route if you see a black cat passes through? Well, most people are at least a little superstitious. It’s a practice or some kind of ritual in different cultures that make people believe, a certain form of fear or bad outcomes if not following it properly. Therefore, superstitions attempt to influence events to bring positive or negative outcomes. Superstitions is a belief that is deeply rooted in culture or tradition irrespective of a believer or nonbeliever.

Figuring out some of the most bizarre superstitions from around the world:

  1. Broken Mirror: Ancient society believed that Mirrors were thought to be reflections of the soul. Therefore, taking a look into a broken mirror will result in a distorted reflection of oneself. which indicates that a broken mirror will bring harm to the soul and impose tragedy or bad luck. There is another belief that breaking a mirror will result in seven years of bad luck. However, to repel this chain of bad luck, one has to bury the broken mirror under the moonlight.
  2. Knocking on Wood: Knocking on wood is said to have originated in Europe in medieval times. This widely-known superstitious claims to ward off bad luck and thus bring good charm. Once making a statement on predicting good things to happen in the future, it becomes mandatory for that person to immediately knock on things made up of wood to reverse the bad luck and brings good luck. Moreover, in some case when a conversation talks about something unfortunate events and the person want to protect themselves from the negativity, touches the wood to repel the negativity.
  3. Black Cats: During the Middle Ages it was believed that witches used to keep black cats as companions. Such Black cats possess the ability to turn into witches after 7 years and therefore at some point, black cats became associated with evil and witchcraft practices. Also, the black color has been associated with evil and death and some believed that black cats are an incarnation of Satan. In German tradition, the passing of the black cat from left to right is a sign of death near you or possessing bad luck.  However, some cultures say like in ancient Egypt worshipped cats as God and associated them with good luck.
  4. The Evil Eye: An evil eye is a talisman, traditionally a blue or green color eye shape charm These evil eye charms are common sights in Greece, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, and Afghanistan, among other South Asian countries. In various tribes and cultures, the Evil eye represents spiritual protection against bad luck, evil spirits, bad fate, and disaster gazes received from others. For this reason, many people sport evil eyes in a form of amulets or jewelry to ward off bad stares that they might receive from a jealous person.
  5. Finding Horseshoe: A lot of stories has been associated with Horseshoe. however, in many cultures horseshoe has been associated with a good luck charm. hanging a horseshoe brings good luck, protect a house from evil spirit, and attracts good fortune for the family living inside the house. Sleeping with a horseshoe under pillow wards off negative energy among them seven nails in a horseshoe brings bring additional good luck. Also, hanging horseshoes towards the downward-facing pointing end reverses the effect and therefore brings bad luck.
  6. Itchy Palms: There are different variations of this superstition. Generally, most people believe that itchy palms are a sign of giving or receiving money depending upon which side of the palm. Usually, our left hand seems to hold passive energy therefore, itching on the left palm symbolizes you will owe money soon. whereas, the right hand holds active energy which symbolizes money is coming your way. Some people believe that itching on the left palm, you will meet someone soon. These superstitions were adopted by Romans, especially by fortune-tellers.
  7. Friday the 13th:  Friday 13th is considered to be the unluckiest day as per the Gregorian calendar, which continues to happen three times in the same year. According to Christian and Nordic traditions, Judas, who betrayed Jesus was the 13th guest to sit down for Last Supper. In Norse Mythology, a dinner event of Gods was ruined by a 13th guest named Loki, who put the world into darkness.  Therefore, in a lot of places people fear the number 13, hotels simply omit to label the number 13, some airlines don’t have a 13th row and many more.
  8. Trimming Nails at Night: One of the age-old superstitions of Asian countries like China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and even Albania believe that cutting your nails at night will bring death to the family. Japanese believe that cutting nails at night will somehow result in premature death. Chinese tradition claims that it will bring evil spirits and attract negative energy. The Pilipino believe that cutting nails will bring bad luck and make your nails grow harder.

Superstition beliefs feed on the “Fear” of humans. People who are engaged in a superstitious activity are the ones who are usually exposed to the uncertainty of situations, stress, and anxiety. There are several reasons that even a normal ordinary person will believe in some kind of superstitious activity. People are anxious about performing rituals and routines to participate in something to get rewards or benefits. These rituals give a sense of control, and at times it could be comforting to fix certain errors by believing in superstition. However, there are several more superstitious beliefs among people like shaking your leg will make you lose all of your wealth, sweeping at night is considered bad luck, and giving a yellow flower in Russia symbolizes sadness, deceit, or an impending break-up and many more.

We would like to know more about Superstition activities in your country. Share your superstitious beliefs with us.

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