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Fall in Love with Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals! you have probably seen people wearing and adoring those beautiful crystals. Crystal healing gained popularity due to many celebrities started promoting it with crystal-infused drinkware, jewelry with gemstones, facial and massage crystal rollers, and the list goes on.

People started using crystals as a practice of self-care and as an alternative medical practice to cure ailments and protect against diseases. These healing crystals hold so much power that they enable the flow of positive energy into our bodies. The magic and healing effects of such crystals and stones raise our positive vibrations, induce a sense of relaxation, help to clear our good intentions and ruminate to calm our minds.

The use of healing crystals has a deep-rooted history, dating back to ancient Egyptians used healing crystals for protection; Indians used healing properties to treat illness; the Chinese used them for medicinal practices; Greek and Romans used them for protection on the battlefield. Crystals have been adorned by priests and worriers, ancient tribes, royals, sailors, and even healers. Crystals have abilities to heal the mind, body, and soul. Throughout history, crystals have been used as a source of inspiration, devotion, and creativity 

However, there is no scientific theory supporting the power of healing crystals in treating or curing medical conditions.

How does Crystal’s healing work?

Crystals are basically a different combination of minerals as they are naturally occurring rock formations; that hold physical characteristics for their unique shape, texture, and luminosity. These healing crystals involve using gemstones to bring positive balance to individuals’ bodies, minds, and souls. 

Since healing crystals are naturally extracted, they harness the energies of the sun, mood, and oceans. It interacts with our body chakras to promote physical and mental wellness. It involves placing the gemstone on a specific part of the body to draw out negative energy. It carries the power to induce placebo effects in the body. It improves concentration, reduces stress, and gives comfort feeling and creativity. It is a form of alternative therapy where it focuses on healing your body from the inside. It works with the energy field to absorb, focus, and direct energies.

The use of these crystals has been termed vibrational medicine as these healing stones and crystals alter the vibration of the body’s molecules, which arises their molecular composition. These vibrations and frequencies of energy work together in balancing mood, mind, and health. In simple terms, healing crystals can absorb negative energies and bring out positive vibes.

Here are some of the most popular healing crystals:

Amethyst (Healing, Purifying and Meditation)

Amethyst helps to get rid of addictions and disruptive behaviors; enhances your intentions and increases your spirituality. This beautiful purple stone is known for healing psychological pain.  It helps to relieve stress and remove negative thoughts. It promotes healthy choices, spiritual wisdom, sincerity, and willpower. It helps to focus on your mind, reduces headaches, and aids sleep. It is a form of protective, healing, and purifying negative energy.

Rose Quartz (Unconditional Love and Emotional Healing)

Rose Quartz is the pink love stone also known as the stone of “unconditional love”. It opens the door to romance and enhances deep connections. It provides a sense of emotional protection, self-love, compassion, and forgiveness. It replaces negative energies with loving energies and encourages love, respect, trust, and self-worth. This loving crystal restores trust in a relationship and maintains harmony. Rose quartz has often been linked with fertility and recovery.

Citrine (Wealth and Success)

Known as the “Stone of Success” perfect for people with demanding careers and business. Citrine stone energy is optimistic, creative, and prosperous. when infused in sunlight, radiates your power, it has the power to stimulate the brain, increasing self-esteem, motivation, and creativity. It is believed that wearing Citrine brings more money than any materialistic things that add value to your self-worth. It enhances mindfulness qualities and increases concentration abilities. Citrine stone brings joy, happiness, and positivity.

Clear Quartz (Healing and Energy)

Clear Quartz is known as “Master Healer” an all-purpose crystal, great for concentration, balance, positivity, and clarity.  This crystal is so powerful and versatile as it helps to align all your chakras, increases positive vibrations, and easily absorbs frequencies for healing. It enhances the power of other crystals, amplifies energy, aids focus, improves memory, and balances the energetic system. It is often paired with rose quartz to enhance the power ability it is used to heal psychic abilities, healing, and balance energy.

Tiger Eye (Warrior’s Spirit and Self-Motivation)

Tiger eye stone is also known as “shapeshifter” due to the well-being of physical and emotional properties attributed to this popular gemstone. There is deep meaning behind wearing a tiger eye as it increases self-confidence and inner strength. Life changer experience as it helps to fulfill ambitions and goals. It protects the wearer from natural calamities and wards off negative energies and evil spirits. Enhances emotional abilities to stay strong, creative, and focused to its core. It has shown positive effects on metabolism, fortifies blood, cures seasonal depression, and improves osteoporosis condition.

Aventurin (Good Luck, Success, and Opportunity)

Aventurine stone is a stone of prosperity, it opens the door to wonderful opportunities and luck. There will be an opportunity in every situation and luck in every opportunity. You will believe in your luck, it’s a great stone for people who wants to boost their career. It’s a great stone that has high energy for mental power, money, peace, and good fortune. It reinforces leadership qualities and promotes compassion and empathy. It stabilizes the peace of mind and enhances creativity. It balances blood pressure and stimulates metabolism and overall health wellbeing.

Green Jade (Luck and Wellbeing)

The green shades of Jade stone symbolize serenity, tranquillity, and purity. Jade stone is believed to bring good luck, peace, friendship, and harmony. It brings out wonderful energies and promotes healing, nurturing, and emotional support. It helps to stabilize the mind and brings insightful dreams therefore; it’s also known as the “Dream stone”. The stone is connected with good luck and well-being as it brings stability to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It helps to remove body toxins, is excellent for kidney and adrenal glands; and balances body fluids.

Carnelian (Self-Confidence and Creativity)

Carnelian is an orangish red stone of joy, confidence, and self-empowerment. It is an energizing crystal that sparks energy flames to achieve goals, desires, and dreams. It is responsible for creating that removes negative thoughts and replaces them with a love of life. Carnelian is associated with sacral chakra that is responsible for sexual energy. It offers protection against envy, rage, and resentment. It helps fearful speakers become bold, fearless, and courageous. It adopts a positive life approach and therefore motivates to achieve success. Carnelian boosts fertility and stimulates sexual energy.

Some More…

Jasper: Strengthen self-discipline and promotes grounding energies

Turquoise: Ward off illness and negative energy

Obsidian: Protect against negative energy and block psychic attack

Bloodstone: Improves blood circulation and is great for self-esteem and intuition

Ruby: Creative power and providing strength

Black Tourmaline: Clearing negativity and creating a more positive space

Blue Calcite: Helps to bring emotional peace

How to find the right Healing Crystal for You

We highly recommend seeking out professional help from a knowledgeable holistic practitioner, who specializes in crystal usage for spiritual healing. Visit a healing crystal shop, hold each crystal on your palm one at a time and do a visual meditation. Listen and understand the signs of stones that you feel and take a moment to reflect on yourself while holding a crystal. Question yourself, how do you feel while holding the crystal in your hand? does it make you at ease? do you feel the energy connecting through your inner power?

These colorful crystals have their own meaning behind them. Usually, dark color crystals focus on safeguarding therefore Black crystals stand for protection and brown crystals for cleansing toxicity and negativity. White color is known for purity whereas the shade of green is said to calm and soothe the mind. Moreover, Pink stones are love stones, red stone for seeking energy and the yellow stone stands for wealth and power.

There is a saying “You don’t choose the crystal, rather crystal chooses you”, You will feel which crystal will have an energetic connection with yourself. Our body mind and soul are all connected forming a chakra just like a universe. Our strengths and weaknesses help to connect with healing crystals.

Since each crystal has its healing properties, the healing properties of these crystal work according to the zodiac sign and is often harmonized according to the stars and universe.

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