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Green Magic Drink Challenge – Chlorophyll Liquid

Liquid Chlorophyll is on-trend all over social media, viral TikTok has crowned Chlorophyll as the magic drink for acne-clear skin. Many beauty bloggers and influencers hopped on this famous trend showing their morning supplement routine of consuming liquid chlorophyll.

Let’s understand what is Chlorophyll?

To put it down simply, Chlorophyll is a natural pigment that gives plants their green color. It plays a vital role in photosynthesis, a process in which plants absorb energy from sunlight to get their nutrients. One of your primary ways of consuming chlorophyll in your diet is through green leafy veggies such as Spinach, Alfalfa, Parsley, Broccoli, Mustard green, and Asparagus. The Chlorophyll supplements are available in liquids, capsules, and power. Chlorophyll is the perfect blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and therapeutic properties that heals the body and gives it potential benefits.

Claimed Health Benefits of Consuming Chlorophyll

According to a viral TikTok trend, Chlorophyll has claimed to have numerous health benefits and some of them are list down below.

  • It claims to improve skin texture, heal wounds, and treats acne.
  • It claims to boost energy by increasing blood flow.
  • It claims to relieve constipation and gastro problems.
  • It claims to detoxify and prevent cancer.
  • It claims to be natural deodorant as it subdues body odor.
  • It claims to aid weight loss.

The Chlorophyll Challenge

After going through all possible videos of Chlorophyll benefits, I decided to take up 2 weeks chlorophyll challenge. I surfed through amazon to find the right bottle of Chlorophyll liquid. I followed the a.m. routine that fits best for me. Staring your day with a large glass of ice water, adding 15 drops of green magic liquid to 250 ml of water.

The green pigmentation of Chlorophyll looked visually appealing and satisfying to watch as it gets dissolved in water. Stir it well with a metal straw and sip! The first impression of tasting chlorophyll in water is more a little minty, somewhat tasteless, unpleasant, and leafy taste. It would take a couple of days to get your taste buds to get adjusted. Overall, it doesn’t taste bad, bitter, or horrid in any way. I continued taking it for the next 2 weeks every morning.

After consuming it for the first week, I was thrilled to share some visible results as it was highly claimed. I felt a bit little more energized, my morning routine was filled with activities and I felt a bit more energy to do so. I could feel the appearance of my skin is way more enhanced and hydrated. I started to experience detox benefits as my gut health improved and I felt more energized.

Following the next week, I started experimenting with Chlorophyll Liquid in different smoothies, juices, and tea. I suggest trying Chlorophyll liquid in different forms as many users don’t like the earthy taste. By the end of the second week, time reveal the visible result and give a fair review on consuming Chlorophyll for 2 weeks straight.

The final verdict of Chlorophyll liquid is Green Magic drink I must say. My overall health improved and my skin became clearer and more glowing. Perhaps, due to drinking and consuming more water intake. I felt hydrated and energized throughout the day. I could feel my body got well detoxified and my gut health improved a lot. My body felt complete rest and it felt rewarding to see the visible results. I am unsure about the weight loss as it claims but yes, I didn’t feel a bloated tummy. My metabolism improved and I resisted craving for a carb-filled treat. I am adding it to my full-time diet supplement. Although, Chlorophyll inspired me to eat healthily and drink water, the whole time I was constantly keen on drinking more water and eating healthy clean food. Therefore, I would order another bottle of Chlorophyll liquid.

Bottom line: Ultimately, again what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. Trying to keep up the trend is good but it’s always better to consult a doctor before trying to risk your health. Do your deep research and please don’t consult any medical advice from social media.

Share your Chlorophyll journey with us…

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