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Key things to know about Adoption – Changing Lives

Adopting is no doubt a life-changing experience as it gives a rewarding experience for most adoptive parents. Child adoption has become a common phenomenon across the world. Adoption takes place mainly when couples are not able to have their biological children or either these couples want to support new life by adopting them. It is considered a gift of having children of their own, to love, care and support these children’s future.

However, the process of adopting can be long and complicated with legal, financial, and emotional journeys. Different countries have their own set of rules and regulations which take care of adoption policy. Each adoption procedure is different and unique depending upon issues like location of adoption and source of adoption like an agency, a private attorney, or a consultant.

This guide will allow you to understand the key features to consider when adopting a child.

Adoption is a highly responsible decision that should not be taken lightly: Before adopting, parents must take time to access the process of adoption and think about how it would impact the life of a child. Parents should understand their ability and commitment to take responsibility to go through ups and downs to provide the child with the best life possible. The reason for adoption should be genuine as poorly framed motives can cause difficulties in the process. Research and learn about the complications in the process and question yourself- Why do you want to adopt? how your house environment will have an impact on the adopted child? Are you financially and emotionally stable to support the child?

Check out resources to help you educate about adoption: Once you have made up your mind to consider adoption as the best option, then seek help by utilizing available resources and organizations whose key purpose is to find the ideal family for these children. Online courses are offered by Adoption Learning Partners to adoptive parents to seek support. Sources like AdoptUSKids, National Council for Adoption, Child Welfare Information Gateway, and Adoption groups on Facebook, where these adoptive parents can find out about local meetings and available support groups. Reading blogs and stories about other adoptive parents can provide practical advice and suggestions for the adoption process. Such information will also help understand more pre-and after-adoption support, including education and training.

Adoption is an emotional journey so learn to recognize grief and loss: For adoptive parents, it’s a joyous moment to find out that they will become parents but they shouldn’t fail to recognize the loss and tragedy the child must have gone through. The adoptive family should understand that these children have traumatizing past experiences and therefore they need time to heal and adjust to the new family. All these kids have their part of life experiences, as some are abandoned by their biological parents, often abused and mistreated, while some spend the longest time waiting in foster homes to be adopted. Older children tend to show a more emotional loss by way of poor behavioral patterns and unexpected reactions in life situations. You need to understand someone loved your child before you, that someone could be their biological parent, foster family, or caretaker. Some unfortunate events and circumstances leave no choice for the biological parent to put up their child for adoption.

Patience is essential throughout and after the process: Adoption requires a lot of time, effort, and patience that could drain adoptive parents emotionally and psychologically. The process of adoption is lengthy and complicated with lots of formalities of paperwork, interviews, home visits, financial disclosure, decision making, parent’s meetings, adjustments, and waiting in line. Attachment and adjustment are considered an important process throughout and after the Adoption. An attachment happens when a child considers a parental bond with adoptive parents. A child needs time and patience to adjust to the new environment. Family values play an important role to mold children to adjust to the new atmosphere. Get your support from your extended family and friends to welcome your child like a real family.

The most important person in an adoption process is the Child: All possible efforts should be made to ensure the best outcome to secure the child’s future. Keeping the child’s best interest is considered important in the adoption process. Sometimes these kids had lived in families before therefore it’s not about the Adoptive parents but the child who has been put up for adoption. Adopting a child is not the same as giving birth to a biological child and therefore love and attachment take time.

Protect your child from a sensitive and uncomfortable conversation with strangers: When you choose to adopt, you are bound to protect your children from society’s insensitive and racial behavior. There are people with bad intentions to harm verbally by seeking sensitive and confrontational questions. These people could be within our community that would constantly refer to your child as adopted. Intentionally hurting with their thoughtless conversation. Remember, your child should know that they have you to protect them. Learn to ignore such people and be strict to warn them that such behavior is unacceptable. You are key responsible to be your child’s protector and your child’s advocate.

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