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Korean Skin Care Rituals Simplified!

Korean Beauty Standards has taken over the Internet by storm. Especially the famous 10 Step Korean skincare rituals (K-beauty) have been widely followed and sworn by several celebrities. Korean skincare step is all about perfectly layering all the products in the right way. Perfect radiant and well-toned skin don’t require having more products, but rather educating about having the right products in the right order.

The skincare journey is all about self-love and therefore it’s important to familiarize yourself with all the categories of products to select to achieve skin goals. Skincare rituals have to be customized according to skin type and skin needs.

Usually, the most traditional Korean skincare ritual consists of 10 steps and that is:

  1. Oil-based cleanser
  2. Water-based cleanser
  3. Exfoliant
  4. Toner
  5. Essence
  6. Treatment
  7. Sheet mask
  8. Eye cream
  9. Moisturizer
  10. SPF

However, women take pride in doing all these 10 steps as their efforts don’t go unnoticed as they achieve smooth, clear, and hydrated skin texture. The concept of “Glass Skin” originated from Korean Skincare rituals that aim as achieving exceptionally smooth, hydrated, even-toned, and luminous skin like Glass. Nevertheless, one of the best things about Korean skincare is that you can customize the routine using minimum products.

4 basic steps need to be followed in your daily rituals to maintain flawless, glowing, and healthy skin. Moreover, these 4 basic steps can be customized by making them 8 or even the complete 10-step rituals. The whole idea is to introduce minimal products for cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting your skin.

Step 1: Double Cleanse

Double Cleanse! That’s right, first with an Oil-based Cleanser and second time with a water-based cleanser.

An oil-based cleanser is the first step of the skincare ritual to remove impurities like make-up, SPF, and dust to avoid any breakouts. Moreover, an oil-based cleanser won’t make skin oilier and are less irritating than a usual cleanser. Cleanse it for 2-3 min in a circular motion and wash it off with lukewarm water.

After rinsing away the dirt and impurities with an oil-based cleanser, Cleanse again with a water-based cleaner. Choose a water-based cleanser as per the skin type, cream form for dry skin, foam texture for oily skin, and gel form for combination skin. The water-based cleanser makes your skin clear as it removes excess residues of dust and sweat. The concept of double cleanse is to make skin clean without stripping or irritating the skin texture.

Recommended Oil-Based Cleanser:

  • The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Facial Cleansing Oil
  •  ETUDE HOUSE Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil
  • Dear Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil
  • Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil

Recommended Water-based Cleanser:

  • The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam
  • Innisfree green tea cleansing water
  • COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
  • Dear Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser

Step 2: Toner

Toner is a skin Tonic that helps to restore the pH level and keep skin hydrated. Korean toners are all about hydrating and nourishing ingredients that quickly lock the moisture. It repairs the skin barrier and therefore it helps to absorb the next skincare product you apply.

Pat gently into your skin using cotton balls or a small quantity in your palm to apply all over the face. Avoid toners that have ingredients like alcohol, menthol, and witch hazel, always choose Korean-based toner’s that more moisturizing and soothing.

Recommended Toners:

  • Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner
  • COSRX AHA BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
  • Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Toner with Green Tea Seed
  • ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Toner Plus

Step 3: Moisturizer

This Step after using a toner is all about nourishing the skin by applying a thin layer of moisturizer for long-lasting hydration. Choose moisturizer as per skin type, for dry skin choose rich cream formulated moisturizer, and for oily and acne-prone skin use gel or lotion formulated moisturizer. Important ingredients along with antioxidants or vitamins are used to formulate moisturizers. Glycerin, Aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid draw water to the skin. Shea butter, dimethicone, and lanolin seal moisture into the skin. Ceramides, squalene, and fatty acids make the skin soft and smooth all day long.

Recommended Moisturizer:

  • Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb
  • Dear klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream
  • Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer
  • COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream

Step 4: SPF

Last but not the least, applying sunscreen is the absolute step of the Skincare ritual and Koreans give tremendous importance to skin protection. Failing to do this final step is like undoing all of the skincare steps that have been already done. It’s an essential step to protect your skin from sun damage to avoid dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging.

Use a broad-spectrum SPF to prevent UVA and UVB rays from further damaging the skin. Always wear sunscreen even if it’s cloudy or rainy weather and doesn’t forget to reapply every 3 to 4 hours. Gently pat sunscreen into your face, covering the neck, face, and other parts of the body exposed to sunlight.

Recommended SPF:

  • COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++
  • IsNtree Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel
  • Innisfree Daily UV Defense Sunscreen
  • Laneige Hydro UV Defense Sunscreen

To Conclude, it’s possible to achieve the desired result with the minimal step of Korean Skincare. The layering of products and following skincare ritual steps should be addressed correctly. However, Koreans believe in a holistic approach when it comes to Skincare. A healthy lifestyle, a rich nutrient diet, and proper sleep as equally important as Skincare to improve it from within. Korean Skincare is for all skin tones and all skin types.

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