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Modern Dating has changed the perception of Marriage

The concept of dating has changed over the years. Many online platforms like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and many more have eased the process of finding love. People are beginning to realize that the concept of dating has started to evolve. Still, people meet at cafés or bars, through friends, or even at work, but dating apps have become the most common site for finding love. Today’s generation is more focused on financial independence, a successful career, and owning a house as important priorities over marriage. Therefore, modern dating has a great impact on an institution like Marriage.

Dating is like “Auditioning to find the Right One”, the statement is bold but true. Scrolling down the profile has given too many choices to select for a date. Eventually, people agree to date only if they find someone attractive. The dating continues until a “Red flag” is noticed, resulting in a breakup, and then swipe for another profile. Traditionally people date for companionship, fun, conversation, and having a good time. Dating activities can include hanging out for movies, concerts, parties, and even vacation trips. It’s one of the social activities that is much needed to relieve the stress and pressure of work and careers.

People value independence, a demanding career without any compromise or commitment. Dating has given a lot of choices without compromising and therefore people get baffled between choices to find the best option. Dating apps are making marriage look more volatile. Dating is more about physical attraction, having a good photo, and a compelling dating profile to stand out from the rest. It provides an opportunity to experience the joys and sorrows, and test compatibility, tolerance, and commitment between couples. 

Dating has benefited couples as;

  • It makes them feel happy, as being in a healthy and supportive relationship is all that is needed.
  • It builds self-confidence and a sense of security and assurity. Having a supportive partner encourages one to pursue a passion, career, and goals no matter how difficult it is.
  • It’s a stress reliever and helps one to live longer.
  • It helps to discover more about oneself along with one partner, learning more about social skills, attitude, humor, and true character.
  • Dating makes people more open-minded to accept things, different perspectives, and opinions.
  • It also helps one to analyze future goals, start a family plan, financial stability, and commitment to stay together.
  • Dating helps to find the right person who is ready to acknowledge your flaws and strive to improve those for a better future.

Conclusion: Marriage is a lifelong commitment, it’s more than a physical union, it’s the commitment of love and respect, culturally binding together. Tv programs and shows have inflated the expectation of dating and marriage. Whereas, nowadays people fear making a lifelong commitment as such a concept doesn’t exist in dating history. People break up over silly and superficial reasons as modern dating allows a lot of people to date for a short period. However, this kind of attitude brings a lot of trouble in marriage as people keep finding flaws in their partners while overlooking their strengths.

Disclaimer: The above statement specifies the author’s point of view as a purely personal opinion. It shall hold no claim for whatsoever reason.

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