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Negative impact on children and toddlers being exposed to smartphones

Children are often said to have innocent minds and pure souls. It is extremely important to understand and adopt the right Parenting while raising a child. At a very tender age, mobile phones have been introduced by parents themselves for poems and stories. It is the first sign of a child being addicted to a smartphone. It becomes the cycle of exploring more videos and stories for entertainment.

An Introduction of smartphones to Children/toddlers

Parents are key responsible to introduce smartphones to children without understanding the negative consequences. To make their parenting easy they play poems on smartphones to feed their toddlers by diverting their minds. This becomes the daily routine of feeding children while using smartphones for poems and baby shows. To make toddlers sleep, parents often use smartphones for bedtime stories. To stop the baby from crying and throwing tantrums, parents give their phones to play games on it. The children are becoming slaves to technology and failing to realize that it all started with wrong parenting.

As they get older, having a smartphone becomes a status symbol among children. They are influenced by social media and online games to stay connected. Children distance themselves from the outside world and choose to stay indoors. According to one research Infants are estimated to start handling smartphones within two years of their life. 

Negative Outcomes on Children

  • The radiation emitted from smartphones has adverse effects on child health
  • Children become addicted to smartphones by spending more time on online games, watching videos, and sending text.
  • It affects academic performance by disrupting studies and limiting physical activities.
  • Children often suffer from sleep disorders due to staying up late using smartphones.
  • The mental health of children is at risk as they become victims of cyberbullying and social media.
  • Children come across an appropriate image and text that molds their thoughts into negativity.
  • Psychological, Neurological disease, obesity, and behavioral problems are often discovered.

How to overcome the problem

  • Limit the use of mobile and other devices when dealing with toddlers.
  • Use more of the traditional method of storytelling, reciting, and singing poems along with toddlers.
  • Have clear communication with their children and must be good listeners.
  • Use child protection and safety apps on smartphones and devices.
  • Limit the screen time of smartphones and encourage children to play more outdoor games.
  • Educating the child about the dangers and bad influences of social media and cyberbullying.
  • Limit the use of smartphones for teaching purposes instead use books and boards.

Here, parenting plays a very important role that strengthening the relationship with a child. Protecting the child is a fundamental duty of parents, it ensures the overall development that includes manners, habits, and behavior. Keep track of data usage and other apps for the safety of a child. Understand the requirement of smartphones at the time of projects and academic use. 

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