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"Explore the journey of self-love with our favorite picks! We strongly believe that there is no limit to what women can’t accomplish. Remember you are born to do a lot of beautiful things in life so always believe in the power of divine faith."

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Biophilic Office Design – Connecting Nature with Work

Introducing Biophilic Design, a practice to create a connection to nature by building and designing landscapes innovatively. Biophilic design means using natural elements to create modern architecture in a natural environment. Biophilic design triggers a strong and positive impact on human beings. It is set to incorporate sustainable design principles to minimize the environmental impact.  […]

The Ties that Bind us with our Grandparents- How does it impact our Lives

Grandparents are the most influential people in our family. The significant role of grandparents in our life is to impart knowledge, values, faith, stability, and unconditional love to their grandchildren. Children get the most valuable guidance and get to hear a lot of stories and experiences from their grandparents. Therefore, a lot of time children […]

Amazing Beaches of Southeast Asia- Checklist for the perfect beach holiday

Southeast Asia has so much to offer, a ton of beach destinations to enjoy the endless coastline of white sand, crystal clear waters, sizzling nightlife, and beautiful naturalistic views. Countless islands and breathtaking beaches in Southeast Asia are the perfect beach destination for holiday. Escape into the beauty of paradise beaches dominated by subtropical resorts. […]

Power-Packed Food that helps to relieve Menstrual Cramp

Menstrual cramps are the worst! They are not only painful but also cause fatigue and weakness to move around your daily routines. Many women face more complex conditions during the Period, these conditions are: Abdominal cramps Headaches Nausea Fatigue Bloating Mood swings Water retention Poor concentration Irritability Lower back pain diarrhea Breast tenderness Several studies […]

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