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Revamp your Bedroom with Aesthetic Décor Ideas

This New Year, look forward to a new beginning of transforming your old bedroom with new catchy interior trends. “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”, it defines our comfort of living. Nowadays, visually appealing homes on social media like TikTok, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. have been giving strong aesthetic vibes.

Understanding each element of home décor from greenery, pattern, wall decor, texture, etc. creates a feeling of belongingness and warmth. Aesthetic design ideas are very personalized as it reflects your signature style. It’s a mix of different elements put together giving a very pleasing décor vibe. It’s a space where you feel yourself without being judged on who you are, your identity, and your liking. You would defiantly want your makeover room to be young, fresh, cozy, and elegant.

You badly want to makeover your bedroom but you are unsure of where to start! You might be short on ideas and budget. But don’t worry, we present you with some inspiring and trendy home décor ideas that will transform your bedroom into an aesthetically appealing space.

Here is a list of aesthetic room ideas that are trendy, alluring, and eye-catching:

Light it up with Fairy lights or Pixie Lights!

This festive season, turn off your boring light into a lively one. Brighten your cozy room with Fairy lights that resembles aesthetically fireflies. Just outline the window border with Fairy lights or hang them through the ceilings above your bed. You can set it loosely on walls and curtains covering the headboard. Fairy or pixie lights come in beautiful and alluring shapes of the moon, stars, flower buds, or simply round mini bulbs. It is super easy to install and can be used to display polaroid photos just clip them up through the strings. You may never go wrong with Fairy lights to give you a calm, cozy, and delicate ambiance.

Add a touch of greenery with hanging faux vines

“Greenery is a key to happiness”, faux wines are a must-have in your aesthetic list it livens up your bedroom space with greenery hanging around the corner. It takes you one step closer to nature, the lush greenery of the indoor jungle. Faux vines complement well with other elements in a bedroom, e.g., it looks ultra-dreamy when combined with fairy lights. It is cost-effective and easy to add a touch of greenery and texture to your space. Also, it’s highly durable and falls low on maintenance costs.

Green, Lively, and Decorative

Breathe the Green! Because one green is not enough, consider adding a few plants to your living space. It helps you to breathe easier, add freshness to your space, purify the air, destress your mood, induce sleep, and enhance therapeutic care. Indoor plants or succulent’s plants are great when it comes to home décor as it adds a fun vibe to your space also, low maintenance. Try experimenting with decorative plant hangers through the wall, windows, and balcony rods. Also, pot them across the room, over a table, or desk as it brightens up the space.  Give your bedroom a more tropical style as placing plants can enhance the overall ambiance of your space and allows more natural light to flow in.

Mirror Magic

Mirror works like Magic as it brightens up your bedroom and produces the illusion of a bigger space. When it comes to an appealing aesthetic look, Mirrors never disappoints the décor. Inspired by bohemian style décor, place a full-length mirror against the wall of your bedroom to receive natural light bouncing back to the bedroom. It is also suitable for a small room to look a little spacious and also easy to check your favorite wardrobe fits!

Dreamy Bed Canopy

Transform your bedroom into a dreamy canopy over your bed. It has a beautiful light-weighted sophisticated color curtain hanging around your bed. They are stylish and functional as they protect against bugs and insects, overall giving you cozy privacy. You may add on fairy lights hanging through the curtains of the canopy, and a touch of greenery vines around making a perfect fairytale experience.  It gives your bedroom a vintage feel, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Bohemian style Tapestries

Recreate your bedroom wall with bohemian tapestries inspired by retro and indie styles. One of the aesthetic ways to decorate your bedroom wall without costing much. The cozy texture of bohemian tapestries adds a lively feel to your bedroom and pairs well with decorative pillowcases. They are highly versatile that can be used for multipurpose decorations, sofa covers, curtains, and much more.

Wall of Fame (Polaroids/ Gallery)

One of the most loved trends- Polaroids and Pictures on the wall is great for aesthetic purposes. Create a memory of your family, friends, adventure, and travel by pinning up their pictures. Fill your wall with inspiring quotes, magazine covers, posters, polaroid photos, frames, art prints, and much more. Show your creativity by arranging them neatly either hanging them on the rope or pinned to a mesh board. You may also assemble over the fairy lights strings to give a stunning collection of all your photos. This aesthetic style will definitely lift your mood.

Fall in Love with Scented Candles

Scented candles are a perfect way to instantly change the mood. The aromatic features of scented candles bring holistic care to the body, mind, and soul. Since scents are available in different aromas and scents as they are made from essential oils and other fragrances to promote relaxation. Scented candles have been used as aesthetic decorative elements giving a soft, cozy, and pleasing ambiance to the room.

Layer it up with Texture and Rugs

Change the floor game with Rugs and carpet that give your room an instant feeling of warmth and coziness. The idea is to incorporate different kinds of carpets and rugs in a layer to cover the bare area of the floor. Choose the texture that gives warm cozy vibes from cotton, wool, animal skin, silk, olefin, polyester, and much more.  Make your floor look fancier it defines the layout of the room and draws eye-catching attention. Make your space look cooler, warmer, and luxurious. Play with different layers of rug combining different colors, patterns, and designs to give an aesthetic vibe.

Display your Artwork and Vintage Pieces

Vintage and retro elements take back in time as these pieces have their own stories behind them. Show your inner creative side, hang on a popular DIY macrame wall hanging. Use a lot of natural elements in your room like wooden structures, live flowers, sea shells, pine cones, rocks, and much more to add the oomph factor to your room. Decorate your shelf with ornaments, books, records, and decorative table lamps to make your room look like art.

With so many inspiring design element ideas that can revamp your bedroom and give you nice aesthetic appeal. However, aesthetic design is a space that focuses more on design elements than its functionality.

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