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The Power of Good Dressing

Fashion is a personalized choice, it’s about self-expression. It’s a way how we express ourselves through our clothing, giving us an identity and influencing our cognitive abilities. It’s a fact that we tend to feel good and confident about ourselves. The way we dress creates an impression of our personality. The outfit we choose affects our psyche and how we influence people’s perceptions of us.

For example, wearing formal clothes can improve our ability to be more productive and think more innovatively. People who wear gym clothes tend to feel more energized for workouts and exercise. What we wear represents our mood and the way we behave.

But again, everyone doesn’t have a good dressing sense. Having a good sense is an ability to dress in the most stylish way possible. What you wear creates an obsession for fashion-conscious people. Remember your dressing sense can reflect your style and express your intelligence and power.

Watching fashion shows, makeover shows, or reading fashion magazines cannot teach you what good dressing is. It can indeed leave an influence on you but can’t help you to make your fashion style.

All you need is to make the right clothing choice. Just pay attention and trust the process. You need to take note of three things; firstly, know your style. Secondly, understand your lifestyle, and lastly dress according to your physical characteristics.

This guide will make sure you choose the best clothing just pay attention to a few aspects of good dressing. We will teach you how to express yourself and look elegant through your dressing style. Feel confident and comfortable in your dressing choices as we will explore the factors that influence a good fashion sense.

Dress according to your Body Shape

Bring the best version of yourself! No matter what your body shape is, each body shape is beautiful, you just need to expertise your dressing sense according to your body shape. Once you identify your body structure, flaunting your dressing style becomes easy as you will know what clothes to highlight your best features and blur out flaws. 

Apple-Shaped Body: This body shape is usually larger in the bust and rounder in the hip area. The shoulders and bust are larger than the hips, and the waist is not defined well. Opt for V-shaped necklines, lower necks, and turtle necks. For an apple-shaped body go for printed loose dresses, flowy tunics, wrap dresses, asymmetric tops, and A-line cut silhouettes. Compliment with a patterned jacket and bottom with boyfriend jeans, flares bottoms, and palazzos

Pear-Shaped Body: This body shape has a heavier waist and hips area therefore the pear-shaped body is characterized by large hips which are wider than the bust and narrow shoulders. To drive attention from large hips, go for a light fabric dress or full-length skirt dress to balance proportions. An embellished neckline or boat neck to draw attention. For the bottom go for darker shades for high-waisted pants and Wide-legged pants to enhance the color contrast. 

Hourglass-Shaped Body: This body shape is characterized by a narrower waist balanced by a larger bust and a curvier hip. For an Hourglass shaped body go for a mermaid-style dress and a body-hugging dress that compliments your curves. High-waisted pants and pencil skirts are great for this body shape. Flaunt your upper body with sweetheart necklines and shorter jackets.

Rectangle-Shaped Body: This body shape is characterized by the equal bust, waist, and hip measurements with not many curves. Often lean and tall with a straight silhouette. For a Rectangle sh rectangular body, pay attention to necklines and add volume to your upper body. Ruffled and layered tops, balloon sleeves, puffer jackets, blazers, long jackets, sleeveless, and sweetheart lines add volume to your upper body. For the bottom go with flared skirts and wide-leg jeans, compliment with a waist belt. 

Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body: This body shape is characterized by broad shoulders with narrow down hips, giving little or no definition to the waist. For an inverted triangle, shape body choose from simple straight lines, wrap-style tops, and collarless shirts. Avoid layering too much on the upper body rather focus on your lower half with belted dresses, midis, pencil-cut skirts, and straight-line jeans. Compliment with shoes and heels to add features to your lower body.

A dress that is appropriate for the Occasion

Go with the dress codes that define the occasion. An occasion could be anything like job interviews, weddings, cocktails, funerals, religious events, baby showers, holidays, and casual meetings. Choose from the combination of clothes and accessories that are appropriate for the event. Think about the setting and ambiance like the venue, the formality of the invite, the weather, and what people usually wear. Let’s decode the dress code for you: 

Casuals: It could be office parties, dinner-date, happy hours, or friend hangouts. Wear denim cotton tees and pair them with sneakers. You can choose a silk button-down top with a pencil skirt or dress pants in high heels. Pair everything with modern accessories.

Business: It could be a cruise invite, country club, office wear, or business lunch meeting. Go for a dress and skirt with minimal jewelry. Dress pants with long sleeves top paired with formal heels.

Cocktail: It refers to social events, Opt for a frill short dress. Bring the magic of black as it never goes out of fashion. Accessories with an embellishment of diamonds.

Lounge: It could be Brunch or day parties opt for a dress that is not too below the knee. Go for a floral design it shouldn’t be too sparkly or too neck-deep. Wear a shrug or jacket to compliment your dress.

White Tie: It could be a fundraising event, opera, or wedding ceremony. Go for the full-length ball gown is a must with gloves and dazzling jewelry with an updo hairstyle.

Play right with Colors

Color enhances your outfit as it adds life to your wardrobe. Wearing the right color makes you look like a sophisticated lady. Have fun with different colors and textures even if something you don’t usually wear; it makes your personality pop, style it up with bohemian or pop art style. Don’t go for bold colors instantly, just mix and match with neutrals by adding glam such as neon bags, red lips, lilac socks, pop sneakers, funky jewelry, accessories, and much more. The idea is to create your personalized color palette. Let’s understand some color games:

When you dare to wear red as it’s a bold color itself, pair it up with softer tones of purple, pink, oranges, and yellow. Red and Orange will make you look more vibrant and energetic.

The neutral color palette is very versatile and gives a timeless appeal. Neutral tones like beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white compliments together if mixed with different shades and layers. Shades of gray, black, and navy blue add a professional touch to your wardrobe. Whereas shades of olive green, light pink, and beige compliments the casual look.

Always consider the running color of the season. For example, in summer you opt for soft and cooler pastels of green and blue. Orange and brown during the autumn season. Go with the flow trend of colors and you will never go wrong. 

Wear the Right Fit

Wearing flabby and bulging clothes significantly impacts your personality and dressing sense. Before you buy things online, make sure you mention your size correctly. Try not to buy outfits that are too tight or too oversized.  Go for custom fitting and tailoring your outfits that fit just right for your size. Similarly pants and jeans should fit the waist and thighs comfortably without looking clumsy. Always dress like an elegant lady which means buying clothes that enhance the beauty of your body figure.

For a petite woman, wearing flared pants, palazzos, skirts a high waist make the leg appear elongated, ideal for petite women. Opt for a split maxi dress, wrap dress, structured dress, and anything that falls just on or above the knee. Go for a classic cut, fitted blouse or crop top, short jacket, and blazers that work well to appear taller and leaner. Enhance your leg with ankle-length boots. 

For a curvy woman strike the right balance between the fitted cloth and too tight. Define your curves with fitted wrap dresses, A-line skirts, Kaftan dresses, and fitted jumpsuits. Go for dark color bottoms, high-waisted skinny jeans, and boot-cut trousers wide belt. Accentuate your curves with long blazers and cardigans with a skinny belt.

For Plus size women opt for dark-wash denim, a basic white top (tunic top or V-necks), a black dress, shapewear, a denim jacket, long cardigans, and palazzos as these are must-haves in the wardrobe. Accessories with a long necklace, scarves, and buckle belts to flatter your curves.

Spice it up with Accessories

Accessories are a game changer when pairing them right with outfits. It gives an enormous impact on your styling sense as you find ways to improve your dressing.

Wristwatches: wristwatches are classic, sophisticated, simple, and extremely versatile to keep track of time. You may add stacking bracelets with wristwatches, also look for the fit to skin tone, the dial, and the premium-looking strap. Match your dress with the wristwatch of your choice.

Handbags: Handbags are one of the essential accessories to carry all the lady’s stuff. Choose from a wide range of styles, shoulder bags, tote bags, hobo bags, sling bags, satchel bags, bucket bags, and the list goes on. It’s not just a piece of accessory but also serves the purpose to compliment your outfit.

Sunglasses and Belts: Sunglasses and belts are trending in fashion. Select the perfect sunglasses that are ideal for your face cut from Cat Eye to Aviator. Go for minimal jewelry when pairing it with sunglasses. Pair your sunglasses with elegant scarves. Wear a belt as it gives a great fashion statement and is also a functional tool to fit your dress. It enhances your silhouette fittings, defining your waistline. Belts add pop-up color to your boring pastel outfits. Choose from different styles of belts from skinny belt to embellished belt that serves your outfit’s purpose. 

Jewelry: Accessorizing with jewelry is an Art. Jewelry should enhance your outfit in the best possible way; style up according to the neckline of your outfit. A fine chain of gold and silver goes well with a V-cut neckline and T-shirts just add a stunning pendant to complete the look. You can wear studs for an everyday outfit and bold earrings for parties. Add a bracelet with short sleeves and tank tops to enhance your bare sleeves. Play the ring game as rings look super cute when paired with full-length sleeves. Remember balance is everything; the right jewelry can enhance your look, define your features, and show off your unique dressing sense.

Bottom Line

You will excel better in your personal and professional life only if you know the sense of good dressing. Be a trendsetter for and rock your entire look in any dress you wear.

Remember not to overdress because less is more; pay attention to details such as what color suits you, what’s the occasion, what’s your body type, and what accessories to pair up. Avoid excess layering of colors outfits and accessories. 

Having a good dressing sense is not rocket science all you need is easy techniques and efforts of implementing a few changes that showcase the best features of your personality and you.

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