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The Ties that Bind us with our Grandparents- How does it impact our Lives

Grandparents are the most influential people in our family. The significant role of grandparents in our life is to impart knowledge, values, faith, stability, and unconditional love to their grandchildren. Children get the most valuable guidance and get to hear a lot of stories and experiences from their grandparents. Therefore, a lot of time children will listen to their grandparents more than their parents. Since we all are living technology-driven world, our life becomes so busy that we often neglect to spend time with our children. Grandparents strive to build that missing bonds by spending quality time with their grandchild, thereby giving them the value of self-worth.

For many families, grandparents provide complete childcare as they are primary caregivers to their grandchildren. Grandparents naturally have emotional bonds and backup support for children and make them understand what true and positive relationships look like. Let’s understand how love and emotional support from grandparents impact the positivity in the minds of the young generation.

Grandparents are Family role models: Grandparents are positive role models as they carry the legacy of family history. They deeply connect their grandchildren with a family heritage. Grandparents add special value to their grandchildren’s life by sharing their abundance of real-life experiences, and stories of family struggle and hardship. Life lesson learned from grandparents helps the child to overall positive well-being as they are deeply influenced by values and behavior. In many cases, children look up to their grandparents for guidance as they teach them morals and values, and a sense of right and wrong. The role of grandparents in children’s life is significant and important to nurture the future generation to come.

Entrusting to respect Culture and Tradition: When it comes to tradition, Grandparents connect children to their past and give them a sense of identity. Culture gives a unique identity and sense of belongingness to the community. Children feel secure when they come to know about family identity. Grandparents expect their grandchildren to preserve the family legacy for the future generation. 

Grandparents are primary teachers: Grandparents help children learn to communicate and make them learn new words, reading stories to them while giving them full attention. Grandparents use quality time to teach words, colors, letters, and objects and tell them stories by showing them pictures in books. Grandparents can be a helping hand to reinforce the basic etiquette to grandchildren. Teaching them to share good manners and respect elders’ by listening and responding to them. Children having an impactful learning environment tends to grow in confidence, and have fewer behavioral issues as they get older.

Grandparents impart knowledge and share skills: Grandparents are primary caretakers as they help to raise their grandchildren by passing on some skills. Children learn basic skills from their grandparents like gardening, setting the table, sewing on a button, folding towels, tightening screws, airing up bicycle tires, and many more. Grandparents help to make them value things that children create with their own hands. Grandparents help children to teach simple skills and make them do simple tasks safely.

Giving Unconditional love: Grandparents’ love for their grandchildren is real, long-lasting, and unconditional. The attention, interaction, and unconditional love from grandparents help to create a feeling of safety and security among children. The qualities of empathy, self-understanding, kindness, and acceptance are the building blocks of a child’s future. Children know they have someone to lean on.

To conclude, we all know how grandparents hold a special role that shapes our lives and make us prepared for the future. The way grandparents impart family values and shape beliefs is impactful for the future generation to come. A healthy connection between the grandchild and his or her grandparents is a must to build that beautiful bond. The more grandchild stay connected to their grandparents the more they learn and inspire. 

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