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Transform your living space with Minimalist Interior Design

What is Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalism is one of the most significant interior styles that promote simple living habits as it focuses on clean design lines, a monochromatic palette, and a handful of essential furniture. It’s a process of curating your space with basic essential items rather than over-dramatic ideas and bulky furnishing.

“A style or technique in design that focuses on extreme spareness and simplicity”.

The Minimalist design is characterized by prioritizing the core function of the essentials like more open floor space, ample lighting, and basic functional furniture. While designing a floor space it focuses on the shape, color texture, and just a few essential elements for a more efficient and sustainable way of living.

How to style with Minimalist Interior Design

While designing a minimalist design understand this important mantra “less is always more”. Spaces are kept simple and every object is selected with an intended purpose to fill. The minimalist design should reflect your taste and personality concerning the interior floor plan, the choice of furniture, and accessories. Consider a few characteristics while planning a Minimalist Interior design style.

  • Bare essentials in form and function: The minimalist house design focuses on simplicity, efficiency, and clarity. It approaches the uses of essential elements such as light, form, and materials that make the area and spaces uncomplicated and predictable. There is no excess decoration instead having a simple form and shape, minimal interior walls, open spacious floors, and decent functional furniture. It provides a stacked volume of space to create a sense of freedom and relaxation.
  • Monochromatic color palette: It consists of a neutral color palette like whites, creams, beiges, and greys. The monochromatic palette is the concept of reducing forms and color to their simplest states, to create a bright and elegant space. It avoids the bright and bold color instead choose light and soft natural shades. Most of the minimalist wall features a white wall adding a few pastel touches.
  • Clean and Clear Lines: Embrace the clean and clear benchtops and surfaces. Giving clarity to wall finishes with minimal artwork, eliminating clutter, and enough space for furniture and décor. Essential furniture with clean lines is all critical for a minimalist living space. The idea behind the clean, and clear lines is that light fall on a flat surface and therefore making the room more spacious.
  • Light-Filled Spaces: The basic fundamental of minimalist design is open, clean, and light-filled spaces. The use of a large window that allows the natural light falls into the whole space adds a significant feature to the minimalist style. Since the room has essential objects, there are enough open spaces that seamlessly maximize the natural light. The use of thin material curtains so that sunlight falls on space brightens the room, making it airy and breathable.
  • Bringing in Essentials only: The concept of minimalism is unique, that is prioritizing quality over quantity. Considering the necessities and requirements of a particular object and discarding the rest. Even a simple object strikes the beauty in a room only if it’s arranged and accessorized minimally. It possessed the objects that serve the purpose. The simple detailing of objects is the beauty of Minimalist and therefore avoids the complexities.

  • Play with Texture, Materials, and Personality: It requires a good strategy to design a house by using simple materials, forms and details. It focuses more on the color, texture, and shape of things that define your personality. Almost every Minimalist design starts with a neutral base using the color white with a mix of grey, tan, and beige. Embrace different playful textures while designing, pairing up wood with metal, and concrete with faux. Use texture, materials, and fabric that add warmth to the room, and therefore it requires low maintenance. 

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