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Travel Safety Precaution for Women Travelers

Are you planning a Solo trip as a Women Traveler? Well, you don’t need to be worried, just listen to your inner voice and chase your dreams. There are many women travelers in business, students, and even homemakers who have traveled without the fear of falling into visions of worst-case scenarios. A lot of these women face societal pressure from friends and families about how insecure this world is about traveling a solo trip. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize safety precautions while planning a trip.

Possible challenges faced by solo women travelers could be the language barrier, culture, and security threat of a particular destination. Sometimes families have their mindset regarding travel safety for solo women travelers. Henceforth, research your destination and make out safe travel strategies before commencing the journey. Understand the possible risk and evaluate the itinerary that suits you best.

Follow our set of empowering travel guides that provide traveling tips to minimize risk and maximize women’s safety.

#Research Your Destination: It helps the traveler to well-plan before commencing the journey. It’s a process in which travelers are properly guided before booking tickets and accommodation. Search the destination on the internet for the best to see, the good time to visit, travel requirements, accommodation, documentation, and medical insurance. Search on social media and read the traveler’s blog, considering their tricks and tips for traveling. While doing so, you will learn more details about the destination, local facts, safety tips, and more.

#Secure your Valuables and Travel documents: It is advised not to bring any excessive valuables like gold jewelry or expensive artifacts as a solo women traveler. Secure your passport, identity card, travel documents, and medical insurance in the secret pocket of your luggage bag that would be handy to carry. Make hard copies of your important documents along with electronic copies and store them on your phone and laptop. Avoid keeping all your cash in one place, segregate it into a different section of your luggage bag and purse. Keep backup money inside the side pocket of your jacket, stuck in socks, and an eyewear case cover.

#Dress appropriately like a local: Do some research on what’s appropriate dressing attire for that destination. Blend yourself as much as you can to pass as a local. You can always wear certain cloth which are appropriate for a tourist. Wear your confidence because the more you stand out as unfamiliar with the location, the more you bring risk to criminal attention. In Muslim countries, dressing as per the destination culture means covering arms, legs, head, and cleavage. Wearing Kurtis and tunics in India while long pants in Europe and Latin countries. Therefore, be mindful of the culture and traditions of the country to avoid any unwanted attention.

#Limit your Drinking: It’s imperative as a travel safety tip for women to avoid heavy drinking during their solo trips. Don’t be afraid to say “NO” to consuming another round of shots, be mindful while drinking. Getting too much intoxicated can be a serious problem, especially for a woman traveler. Meeting new people on trips, who would rather be interested in other things than partying will put pressure to drink. Drinking too much will inhibit your ability to make sound decisions. There are many cases where the tourist has been robbed and sexually harassed while they are highly intoxicated with alcohol. Therefore, always limit your drinking habit, resist the pressure, and share your live location with your friends or family members.

#Don’t trust people in the first attempt: It’s not rude to be cautious of whom you meet during the trip. It’s okay to make friends but don’t trust them immediately. Trust your intuition, if someone gives an uneasy vibe and you feel something’s not right, it’s best to maintain your distance. It’s easy to get along with a few people during the trip and often make friends. However, take time to trust them as many con people have mastered the art of befriending travelers, getting them to leave their valuables unattended, and robbing them. There is no shame in denying people because it takes time to earn their trust. Therefore, new friendships are usual to happen but making sure they are trustworthy for considering the safety of women travelers.

#Avoid Roaming Alone at Night: In some countries, it’s safe to take a walk at night. However, it’s not the same case with every country. Therefore, the female traveler should avoid walking or roaming late to an unknown destination. Make sure to commence your journey during the day and possibly try to arrive destination in the early hours before dark. Choose a reliable mode of transport while traveling as most incidents of theft and robbery are likely to occur during night-time.

#Be wise to pay for your safety: Lack of reliable accommodation and safe transportation in many countries poses risk to many female travelers. Therefore, before planning for the trip it’s essential to financially invest well in your safety concerning Airport transfers, reputed hotel reservations, and other transportation. Saving some money is like putting safety at risk. Always prefer reputed hotel chains that are located within the city’s central, lively neighborhood, proximity close to the market/malls, and have good safety precautions. The whole idea is to make the women travelers feel safe even if spending a little extra for safety standards.

In addition, Keep updated about your itinerary to someone close to you. As a solo traveler, your friends and family be able to contact you, track your location, assuring your safety, and know the activities you are heading to. Buy a local SIM card in that area to operate internet and mobile service hassle-free. Adapt to learn a few local phrases and words that help to create a bond of trust and respect for one’s culture. Most importantly, don’t be scared to be alone or succumb to the fear. This world has far more kindness and goodness than gruesome things.

Last but not the Least, Keep Travelling!

A famous travel quote by J.R.R. Tolkien, “Not all those who wander are lost”.

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