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Why Childcare Centers have become a Global Trend

Over the past few decades, women have entered the workforce. These working women are economically active and therefore there are more childcare centers supporting women empowerment. Nuclear families are living in metro cities and towns with both working parents. These parents recognize childcare services as a significant expense for high-quality early childhood programs. Parents understand that the initial early stage of child development is extremely important for a child’s overall growth. 

Let’s understand what is childcare?

Childcare centers are a place where learning and fun become one and the primary place to learn social and pre-school skills necessary for school admission. Childcare centers provide regular full-time or part-time childcare learning for overall development. Childcare is a service that provides facilities care and education for children in groups such as infants and toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. It can greatly contribute to a child’s social, emotional, and physical development.

The Childcare services do not follow a school schedule, which means they offer longer hours and are open during holidays and school breaks. Infants to kids who aren’t yet old enough to go to kindergarten are typically accepted into childcare. The most important aspect of childcare arrangements is to assure parents of the reliability and the quality of childcare. Flexible working hours also help parents to organize childcare.

A Global Trend

With the rise of the childcare industry across the world, there is more affordable and quality childcare that caters to all income groups. Countries like Luxembourg, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Germany rank the highest in childcare provisions among the high-income group. Technology is breaking the barrier of connecting parents with their children. Parents can review the activities, stream classroom videos, and track the development of their children. There are proper surveillance and monitoring of each child with regard to protecting the child from any suspicious activity. 

Urban India is a rapidly changing place, with more and more women going out to work, rather than staying home. Those without extended family support are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to earning a living in modern India and having a family. Many companies have tie-up quality childcare services in nearby locations. Having a nearby location of childcare eases the work of the employer and employee. Many childcare services are offering flexible hours, affordable rates, and working out payment arrangements for struggling families to encourage families to stay. Very few companies offer their staff facilities for child care. There needs to be much stronger growth in this area, with professional full-time child care being made more widely available. India is still behind other nations globally, but it’s progressing slowly.


Every child deserves quality childcare for their overall development. Accessible, flexible, and affordable quality childcare should be available to all children irrespective of family circumstances. It is believed that globalization and the need for dual-income have urged the need for childcare centers. As a result, an increasing number of parents are willing to spend on high-quality children’s Childcare services.

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